The Tragic Story of Tracy Brown Bering, Jodi Arias’ Former Cellmate

Tracy Brown Bering was one of the women who shared a cell with Jodi Arias, the notorious murderer of Travis Alexander, at Estrella Jail in Phoenix, Arizona. Tracy was a victim of Jodi’s manipulation and deception, and she paid a heavy price for her involvement with the killer.

Tracy died of an overdose in December 2022, leaving behind a grieving wife and family. This is the tragic story of Tracy Brown Bering, Jodi Arias’ former cellmate.

How Tracy Brown Bering Met Jodi Arias

Tracy Brown Bering was incarcerated on charges of kidnapping when she met Jodi Arias in 2012. They were assigned to the same cell for about five months, and they became friends. Tracy was impressed by Jodi’s intelligence, beauty, and singing voice.

Tracy was unaware of the true nature of Jodi’s crime and the extent of her lies. She believed Jodi’s story that she killed Travis Alexander in self-defense, and that she was innocent of the murder charge. She also believed Jodi’s claim that she was suicidal and depressed.

Tracy Brown Bering Love Story

Donavan Bering was another inmate who befriended Jodi Arias at Maricopa County Jail. They were cellmates for six months, and they stayed in touch after Donavan was transferred to Estrella Jail. Donavan was also charmed by Jodi’s personality and appearance.

Donavan met Tracy through Jodi, and they fell in love. They had a romantic relationship in prison, and Jodi often inserted herself into their affairs. Jodi would perform stripteases for them, or refuse to leave their cell when they wanted privacy.

How Tracy Brown Bering Realized Jodi Arias’ Manipulation

Tracy and Donavan eventually realized that Jodi was using them for her own benefit. They discovered that Jodi was lying about many aspects of her life and her case. They learned that Jodi had brutally killed Travis Alexander, and that she had changed her story several times.

Tracy and Donavan felt betrayed and angry by Jodi’s manipulation. They said that Jodi had no conscience or empathy, and that she could get anyone to do what she wanted. They said that Jodi was a master of deception and seduction, and that she exploited their emotions and vulnerabilities.

How Tracy Brown Bering Died?

Tracy Brown Bering suffered from clinical depression, which was worsened by her wife’s illness and the hate she received from Jodi Arias’ followers. Donavan Bering was diagnosed with cancer, and she underwent surgery and chemotherapy.

Tracy overdosed on pills in December 2022, after a fight with Donavan. She was found dead in her home, and her mother announced her passing on Facebook. She said that depression took her daughter away, and that she couldn’t fix her. She said that she missed her and loved her, and that she hoped her soul would rest peacefully.

Tracy Brown Bering was a troubled woman who made some bad choices in her life. She was also a victim of Jodi Arias’ manipulation and deception, and she paid a heavy price for her involvement with the killer.

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